Polytex is committed — on a number of levels — to improving our environment. We are proud not only of our own sustainable-material innovations, but also of our partnerships with customers and vendors to make substantial changes in the entire supply chain.


Packaging Responsibilities

The impact of packaging on the health of our planet cannot be overstated. From manufacturing, to transportation to shelf life considerations, the importance of diligent attention to packaging is of grave importance.

At Polytex we are committed to developing products to help you extend shelf life and minimize losses throughout the distribution chain. Our practically indestructible packaging will allow you to ship as much as twice as many bags per truck and store more product at your distribution center.


Environmental Protection

Package design, both in terms of materials used and form factor, has important environmental ramifications.

Polytex has successfully developed material structures that are 100% recyclable including replacing PET and PP products with 100% PE, which allows your current packages such as pouches, snack foods and laminated woven pet food bags to be collected and recycled within existing recycling infrastructures. Furthermore, through our full circle recycling program, we continue to increase our commitment to increase the amount of post consumer recycled material used within our other products.



Economic Practice

At Polytex, we also actively participate in research, development and public education with other environmentally conscious organizations.

Not only are we continually investing and innovating to provide you with earth friendly packaging, but we take measures to manufacture our packaging in ways to decrease our environmental footprint.

Our State of the Art recycling facility currently converts over 16.5 MM pounds of plastic recycled material per year , and we are strongly dedicated to developing additional post-consumer recycling opportunities.